Official Statement on Fehlberg Park, Yeronga

Dear SEQ Golfers

Over the last 3 years there having been significant ongoing conversations with Brisbane City Council (BCC) regarding the disc golf course in Fehlberg Park/Hyde Rd Park Yeronga.  This course was originally installed with the intent of adding tees and signage in the future, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the public. However, due to Town Planning changes the area has seen significant development over the last 5 years, adding more pedestrians into the park. When coupled with the addition of new golfers, it has been determined by both BCC & QDG that the park is no longer suitable for disc golf.

Both parties have agreed to identify a suitable alternative location to install a new course within the BCC catchment.  At the present we are still working with council on this project.

It is expected that the existing course will be removed from the park by June 2020.

Updates on proposed new location will be provided soon.


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