Queensland Disc Golf Inc. Policies

Queensland Disc Golf Inc. have created a policies document to help guide QDG to achieve its mission: To develop the sport and players of disc golf in Queensland. The primary function of the policies document (which can be downloaded here) is to provide consistent and transparent guidance for QDG and club representatives in successfully developing the sport in Queensland.

We are releasing this document to disc golf players in Queensland so that you are aware of QDG’s expectations of disc golf clubs in Queensland, clubs’ expectations of QDG, QDG Tour events as well as QDG governance and financials. The policy document will evolve as disc golf in Queensland grows, so it can be amended over time by majority vote of members.

QDG has discussed the policy document with clubs and will be implementing the policies from April 2020 onwards.  If you as a player of disc golf in Queensland have any objections or queries, please get in contact with us via the contact form here.


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