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This site provides information on all things disc golf in Queensland including course locations, events (tournaments and league days), clubs, where to buy discs as well as information for beginners.


What is disc golf: sometimes referred to as frisbee golf orĀ frolf, disc golf is like traditional golf but instead of clubs, balls and holes you use concave plastic discs (similar to a Frisbee) and targets. The goal is to get your disc from the tee area to the target (basket) in as few throws as possible.


With disc golf courses in Brisbane, the Moreton Bay region, Logan, Ipswich, Applethorpe, Roma, Charleville, Montville, BarcaldineĀ and Cania Gorge, there is probably a course near you!

Gm Saturday July 28 - 9

The aim of Queensland Disc Golf (QDG) is to support the establishment and growth of local clubs through access to funding through QDG Inc. and the sharing of ideas and support between clubs and the wider disc golf community.

(photo credits Rhinda Larsen)