QDG player helps grow the sport in Africa

The Queensland disc golfer Gavin Cowan made a great contribution to growing the sport earlier this year when he made a donation to Eagles Wings Disc Golf. After Gavin took first place in the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s (DGPT) fantasy disc golf Bracket Challenge, he won a $100 gift voucher to spend at the DGPT store. As postage from the DGPT store to Brisbane would cost more than the actual purchase, Gavin donated the $100 gift voucher to Eagles Wings Disc Golf. Eagles Wings will be using the donation towards their upcoming trip to Zambia to finish installing an 18-hole course and run the first PDGA event in the country. Read more about the event at https://pushtherock.org/eagles-wings-disc-golf/programs/mission-trips/2019-zambia-open/

Great work Gavin! More details on the donation are on the DGPT site at https://www.dgpt.com/news/fantasy-disc-golf-winner-and-dgpt-come-together-to-support-eagles-wings#/

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