Queensland disc golf in the news

Over the past few years, disc golf clubs from across Queensland have received some great coverage from news media.

Check out some of the articles:

Brisbane Disc Golf Club – https://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/southeast/disc-golf-continuing-to-grow-in-popularity-around-brisbane-and-queensland/news-story/d8fc79a25a776bb814261f30bc6abef7

Swich City Disc Golf Club – https://www.qt.com.au/news/disc-golf-hits-ipswich/1926119/

Whitsundays Disc Golf Club – https://www.whitsundaytimes.com.au/news/disc-golfers-making-their-mark/3482014/

Granite Mountain Disc Golf Club – https://www.stanthorpeborderpost.com.au/news/state-titles-bringing-the-best/3464679/ and https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/bid-goes-way-of-local-course/3282110/ and https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/new-golf-taking-off-across-the-state/3254664/

We are looking forward to many more years of growth and media coverage of disc golf in Queensland!

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