2021 Queensland Champs update – 28 June 2021

We are watching the new COVID threat closely, and fully expect that the event will proceed. At the moment, we’re not aware of any players in hot spots, and we have a little under 3 weeks for the situation to resolve.

There are no restrictions in Qld for outdoor activities, but we will be following the ADG COVID guidelines in any case (these will be posted shortly). Please review these and be familiar with them – failure to comply could result in disqualification.

Some good news – the course maps and hole descriptions are out. The courses will have tee and basket positions marked out up to two weeks prior. If you’re lucky, we’ll have the islands for ACP#5 marked out, too…

There’s a few subtle changes at ACP compared to the Logan Open:

#2 will have a more clearly defined mando
#3 now has OB to the right of the mown fairway
#5 will have two unconnected islands – miss either off the tee and go to the drop zone, normal OB rules on subsequent throws
#6 elevated basket
#9, 10, 13, 14, 15 will play off the new concrete tees
#12 will have more clearly defined mandos
#14 is added now that the mud has hardened (making 19 holes total)
#16 no longer has the OB fence, and is a tad longer. The scrub that the fence was protecting is probably worse than OB + relief – you don’t want to go there…
#18 the mando is more clearly defined by marked-up photo

There’s also a few changes to the normal league layout for Logan Gardens:

#11 – the oval will be hazard (play from where it lies, but add a stroke each time you throw from within the hazard)
#16 – plays like an island hole, except that between the tee & the island is hazard (if you don’t make the island, play from your lie and add a stroke for each time you throw from within the hazard)

Cancellation due to COVID.
If we are required to cancel, we will provide as much notice as possible. The event is being run with few fixed costs (mostly player packs, trophies and some course equipment), and if we can’t reasonably shift to a later date, we will repay whatever component of player fees that we can. Shirts can be posted to those who have paid for them.
Follow the health directives, and keep your fingers crossed.

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