Notice to all players

It is exciting to see so many new players in the sport, which opens the need for those folk to become familiar with the rules for playing this sport. Our sport has clear rules and guidelines for play. These rules are managed through player self-discipline, so that no player is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged. The players themselves are the referees, and it is important that everybody, not just yourself, play fairly. This is not a ‘whistle sport’ where players run the gauntlet of fair/unfair play in hope they don’t get caught by the official with the whistle!

Queensland Code of Conduct (QDG CoC) applies to all play on Qld courses.

Key items:

Cross-references to {QDG CoC –}, (ADG code – and [PDGA rules –]

  • Don’t throw if there’s a chance that injury could occur to persons or property {Safety}, (Personal Conduct), [Disc Golfer’s Code #1; Official Rules 812.A.1]
  • Respect the course – no littering, no damage to flora, fauna or equipment {Personal conduct & etiquette}, (Personal Conduct), [Disc Golfer’s Code #2; Official Rules 3.03.B.4; 812]
  • Represent the sport – share with other players, be courteous and helpful to other park users or residents, refrain from distasteful or illegal activities {No alcohol & no smoking in tournaments, no illegal drugs, no alcohol in public parks, no abusive and foul language, no vandalism or abuse of the course and/or other park facilities, no cheating, & no bag kicking or any other strong display of bad temper}, (Personal Conduct), [Disc Golfer’s Code #3; Official Rules 3.03; 812]

Qld Disc Golf has been on a looong journey to get where we are now with excellent courses and growing recognition of the emerging sport, and this momentum can be easily lost if players conduct themselves poorly.

There are many other rules associated with game play, and it is the player’s responsibility to become familiar with them. Tournaments are typically run in compliance with both ADG and PDGA rules and requirements, and punitive measures are included to ensure compliance. Don’t be disappointed by having strokes added, or being disqualified through ignorance!!

One last point to reinforce – use of drugs and alcohol is ILLEGAL in Qld parks, and unacceptable to the disc golf & local communities. Do not use, nor accept others in your presence to use – tell them to leave them at home. In tournaments, report to the Tournament Director. In social play, don’t do it (its illegal!).

Cheers, QDG Team.

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