*COVID-19 Update*

Hi All,

There have been a few questions floating around recently which I’d like to address.

A number of players in the community have asked us whether their local Disc Golf courses are likely to reopen with the easing of some strict social interaction laws.  The short answer is “we don’t know”.  We are hopeful but ultimately this decision does not rest with QLD Disc Golf Inc or any of its affiliated clubs.  This decision rests with the local council in which the course resides. We would ask that you reach out to them for any further comment on course availability.


We have also been asked about the QLD Disc Golf Championships 2020.  No decision has been made on whether this event will be cancelled or postponed. Updates to follow as required.


We ask that players continue to be cautious in these uncertain times, especially when playing (and thus representing) our sport – the community backlash can be severe. There are a number of projects taking place behind the scenes with significant stakeholders and we don’t want to undermine their success.

Thanks for your understanding.


Aaron Moreton – QDG Inc President



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