Disc golf – who knows the rules? Post 02

Last post’s tester – did you find the applicable rules? The incident was classified as a 811 Misplay, and the penalty is 2 strokes (811.F.1 as the player played multiple strokes following the throw from an incorrect lie).

The learning here is if there’s any doubt in your mind as a player as to the correct play, & if you can’t find an official on-course during play (rare in Australia), then take a photo of your disc in context of OB lines or other circumstances, and play a provisional (809.02 Provisional Throw) as well. Make sure that you declare to the group of your intention to play the provisional. When the round is complete and prior to handing in your scores, approach the TD for a ruling (801.03 Appeals). 

The link again, if you missed it: https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf

This post’s tester:

Q: My group thinks my disc is OB, but I think it’s unclear. Doesn’t benefit of the doubt go to the player? I’m safe, right?

A: Benefit of the doubt only comes into play as a tiebreaker when the group cannot make a decision, for example if two players see the disc as safe and two see it as OB. If a majority of your group thinks it’s OB, then it’s OB.

Note that benefit of the doubt only applies to on-course observations such as whether the disc is OB or not, whether it passed the mando, etc, and NOT for interpretation of the rules (eg what constitutes the mando or OB). As above, if there’s any doubt about interpretation of the rules – provisional, provisional, provisional, and get the TD’s determination at the end of the round.

A quick note about courtesy – there is no place for aggression nor argument about a majority decision of the group. If the group calls it, then it’s as out as if it was a metre OB: shrug your shoulders and move on. Better to get back into the right frame of mind than risk losing strokes to courtesy violations or possible disqualification…

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