Disc golf – who knows the rules? Post 01

This is the start of a regular post on disc golf rules, as so many new players have come into the sport recently, and with playing in tournaments, knowing the rules is pretty important if you want to make sure that all of your effort is not wasted…

How well do you know ALL the rules of disc golf? Here’s a tester:

Q: My group made a ruling that turned out to be wrong. They called me safe when I was actually OB, so I played from an incorrect lie. Do I get penalized?

Do you know the answer to this? Have you been in a similar situation, and not known how to play the next shot? What if I’m pretty good with the rules, I think the group might not be right, but what should I do, as the rest of the group is the majority, and there’s some pretty seasoned players in it?

Why do I need to know the rules?

The vast majority of events played in Australia, and globally, are played in accordance with the PDGA rules, and these are accessible to everyone online: https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf

[The] rules have been designed to promote fair play for all disc golfers. (801.01 Fairness). If all players follow the rules, then the event results will be fair and representative of individual player’s play on the day(s). You don’t want to lose because someone has (unwittingly or knowingly) been advantaged through an incorrect application of the rules.

The answer?

A: You are responsible for playing the course properly. If you disagree with the group and an official is not readily available, play a provisional and have the TD make a ruling later.

The next question is, “what penalty(s) would be applied to this situation?” Have a read and let us know…

Just in case you missed the link… https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf

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