2020 QDG AGM

The 2020 QDG AGM will be held online (via Zoom) on Wednesday 18 November from 630-730pm

The main business of the AGM will be:
1)    Presenting the association’s financial statement and audit report to the meeting for adoption
2)    Electing members of the management committee.

If you would like to nominate for a management committee role, you will need to do so through an established disc golf club in Queensland. Discuss this with your club and they can nominate you as their representative, that way becoming a member of QDG and being eligible for a committee position.

Nominations for committee positions
As per QDG’s rules of association (Section 19(1)(b)), nominations for positions on the management committee (President, Treasurer, Secretary) must be:
(i) made in writing; and
(ii) signed by the candidate and the members who nominated him or her; and
(iii) given to the secretary at least 14 days before the annual general meeting at which the election is to be held.

As such, please have nominations to the QDG Secretary (via email: secretary.qdg@gmail.com) no later than 3 November 2020.

A reminder that nominees for management committee roles must be members of QDG. As per QDG policies document (Section 2b), Ordinary Members of QDG are the elected representatives of affiliated, as well as officers appointed by the Management Committee from time to time. Appointed officers and representatives of Established Clubs will each hold one vote, although any member having multiple positions will only have one vote. Representatives of Emerging Clubs will not have a vote.

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