The next chapter begins for BDGC

On Sunday 19th July BDGC celebrated the opening of the new disc golf courses at Carindale and Rocklea. Over 70 players took part in the official opening rounds, with estimates that 200+ people played the courses over the weekend.


It was an honour to see this project come to life.  For those who missed it, my speech below:

This is such a special occasion. It is not everyday that we join to celebrate the opening of 2 new courses. This has not been easy – but the best things in life rarely are.

I can assure you word has spread far and wide of what we have achieved. And what a journey it has been. As you would expect it was anything but smooth sailing, but persist we did and here we are.

As we rejoice it is easy to start to dream of what comes next. With new courses comes new players, and with new players comes new friends.

But it is also important to reflect on where we have come from, and what has been. For you only reap what you sew.

There are a number of individuals with us today that have played a significant role in getting our sport to where it is today.  You know who you are and we thank you as one.

The next chapter for Disc golf in Brisbane can now be written, and as ambassadors for the sport it is up to us to ensure that this chapter embodies everything great about our game.

Let us share and promote. Let us encourage and inspire. Let us embrace the challenges that lie ahead. 

Today is not a day for winning or losing, for bogeys or birdies. But to acknowledge and celebrate the progress we have made, for we have come a long way, and there is still a long way to go.

I look forward to writing this next chapter with you, fate is in our hands. 

See you on the course.

Aaron Moreton

QDG Inc President

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