Urgent – Stay away from new BNE courses

Hello All

It has come to my attention that a number of Disc Golfers have decided to commence playing on the new courses under construction in Brisbane – despite clear direction advising against this.

I am (exceptionally) embarrassed to have fielded calls from the council and contractor in regards to this. There are already complaints from the public too.

It is ruining the relationship we have developed with council, ruining the sports image, and compromising our likelihood of establishing new courses in the future.

The message is clear;


I understand everyone is eager to play a new course, but they are still under construction with turfing and line marking to be completed soon.

We expect the courses to be available for play from mid-July.

Those caught playing the course prior may be barred from any future QDG events as they are not acting inline with the QDG INC guidelines. Sorry for the somewhat authoritarian approach but this is a severe issue that requires severe consequences.

If you know of anyone playing there please report it to me directly: president.qdg@gmail.com

Thanks for those who have restrained, which is no doubt the vast majority. Only a few weeks to go!

Aaron – QDG INC President


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