Toowoomba Disc Golf is born

Remember the date – June 6th 2020.  The day that Toowoomba received its first disc golf course. A 9-hole, par 30 beauty located at Black Gully Reserve.


Remember the name – Andrew Stanley. A local resident who embarked on a journey to bring disc golf, a relatively unknown sport at the time, to his community.  This is his story:

“I’m trying to get a disc golf course installed, I’m talking with the council”.  A phrase I’ve heard countless times over the last 10 years.  Obtaining approval and funding to install a course is no easy feat.  Ask any player and they know someone who is trying to get a new course installed. Andrew fell into this basket.  But, to attempt this with a playing group of less than a handful (and no money), it’s near impossible.

Only a few years ago Toowoomba was not on our radar.  Players in the region had to travel to Brisbane or Granite Mountain to get their fix.  Andrew quickly became known as “Andrew from Toowoomba” – not because we were over-run with golfers named Andrew, but because people needed to be reminded about the efforts he was putting in just to play the sport. He quickly realised his chances of success would increase if he formed a local club. This was a sign of things to come.

Initially, Andrew was offered little financial support from local government. They were open to the concept (albeit at a different park) but were limited in funds.  Andrew took the initiative and applied over and over for grant money with the backing of QDG Inc. His persistence eventually paid off – he received a substantial grant.  He then went on to establish budgets, co-ordinate quotes and draft the course preliminary design with the help of Erik Piirn (a travelling Estonian based locally for a short while).  Despite several setbacks along the way, not to mention COVID-19, his will was not deterred.

Andrew received strong support from QDG Inc, RAD Creations, Aus Discs and a number of volunteers who braved the frosty winter weather to install the course in under 8 hours.  Many hands make light work.

It was a privilege to assist you today in erecting the course Andrew. We could not wipe the smile off your face. This really is a story of passion, persistence and patience.

On behalf of the local disc golf community, congratulations Andrew.  A special thanks to all those who helped along the way too.

Aaron Moreton – QDG Inc President

P.S – support regional tourism and go check out this course!


3 thoughts on “Toowoomba Disc Golf is born

  1. Hearty congratulations to “Andrew from Toowoomba” and all those who helped and supported him in turning his dream into reality. Creating a new course from scratch is no easy matter, but when
    someone has the vision and
    drive they attract other like minded people, then a great deal of combined effort makes it all happen. I salute and toast you all. Yours in flight. James Jaguar Smithells, NZ.


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