2018 QDG Tour Results

The 2018 QDG Tour comprised of 6 PDGA/ADG affiliated events. Competitors received points based on their placing at each event, with the Major events (Splendour and QLD Champs) having a heavier weighting.

More than 80 individuals took part across 8 divisions.  Congratulations to the winners.

MPO Total
Rhys Kruger 320
Darnley Pearson 319
Mat Adams 276


ADV Total
Brian Clevenger 330
Tom Anderson 301
Chris Pye 299


MM40 Total
Bruce McNaughton 326
Nate Lee 302
Michael Horwood 278


MM50 Total
 Jim Durand 308
Peter Prichard 94


INT Total
Jesse Amos 328
Matt Scott 322
Dennis Ladwig 304


FA4 Total
Caryn Cameron 212
Natalie Jones 192
Hannah Jurgensn 191
MJ18 Total
Archer Shaw 306


Novice Total
David Shaw 338
Nathan Prichard 304
Simon Tanner 270




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