Disc Golf Targets manufactured in QLD

QLD Disc Golf recently caught up with Brisbane golfer Paul Lavendar who has been busy in his backyard designing and refining the humble golf target.

“I have been working on designing a basket and setting up a lean manufacturing method to cater for development as required. Plenty of lessons learned and ongoing changes but a final design pending chain configuration is complete (not pictured).
Along with this I will be able to provide additional equipment to support the growth of the sport.
Hopefully SEQ Disc Golfers can expect to see a prototype at some league days or events for putting practice in the near future.
There is early interest, some educational institutions have contacted me in regards to using this a tool to educate students in design process and the importance of prototyping, even getting involved with some activities. I have gladly accepted any interest and am more than happy to provide a fun and beneficial way to grow the sport for everyone.”


3 thoughts on “Disc Golf Targets manufactured in QLD

  1. Great work Paul! they look amazing mate, will you be looking to patent and get pdga approval? its definitely an attractive design.


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