NZ’s “Father” of Disc Golf visits QLD

Ever heard of Queenstown Disc Golf course? arguably the most important course in the southern hemisphere.   Upwards of 500 people per day grace its fairways during the summer months.

What about Paradise? a temporary course set up at Glenorchy and considered the most scenic course in the world.

Last weekend I had the privilege of showing James “Jaguar” Smithells around some of our local courses.  One of the most important icons in NZ disc Golf, James has been contributing to the sport for over 30 years.  He founded the course in Queenstown and has witnessed its evolution from 5 to 9 to 18 baskets. He has also been heavily involved with tournaments held at Paradise, acting as TD on countless occasions.

James had many a tale to tell, provided some insight into the challenges that come with growth, and boy could he putt!

For the record Aaron won that day (there’s no such thing as casual play between a Kiwi and Aussie!)

Aaron Moreton – QDG President




One thought on “NZ’s “Father” of Disc Golf visits QLD

  1. Thanks very much for those flattering comments Aaron. It was a great pleasure to meet you and be hosted around Alexander Clark and Felberg in challenging windy conditions.
    I hope Queensland disc golfers appreciate what a great leader they have in Aaron. The game develops best when there is a diplomatic, consensus seeking, good communicator at the head, which you clearly have.
    I’m in Nelson these days, so look me up if any of you are over there at the top of the South Island.
    Yours in flight
    Jaguar James.


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