Disc golf video media

When you can’t get to the course it’s great to still be able to get your fix of disc golf. There is so much disc golf content available on YouTube it’s not funny. You may be aware of some of the great work of JomezPro (you ever seen someone shoot an -18!?) and Central Coast Disc Golf (you ever seen someone hit a 2 on a par 5!?) in the US.

However, there is an increasing amount of content coming out of Australia. Our local favourites are Cow Pye. Check out their coverage of the 2017 Queensland Disc Golf Championships MPO Final 9. While they haven’t produced too much to date, we love what they have done and can’t wait to see more!

Further south, there is some great content being provided by Cut Roll Media. These guys are producing really high-quality coverage of some of Australia’s bigger events. Check out their coverage of the 2018 Two Heads Open MPO Final 9 in Tasmania (with the honorary Queenslander Cam Ford on the card and commentary).

We are really loving all of this content and can’t wait to see more!

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